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Welcome to Fields Jewellers

Fields Jewellers are the proud owners of a well known and highly respected High Street Jewellers shop. We have now expanded our company to be able to accommodate for highly competitive jewellery to be sold online as well as within our High street store.

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail and care that we give to all of our customers and this is of paramount importance. We are more than happy to answer any of your queries or questions that you may have via the following e-mail address –

Along with all of our jewellery that is for sale we can also offer you a wide range of services that can range from jewellery modifications all the way to actually helping you decide what to buy and why. We have also made sure that our facilities can tailor for any customers that wish to add a personal touch to their jewellery. We can also make sure that you are in the know about any maintenance that your product requires and we will even go as far to make sure you know which are the best products on the market for making sure that your piece of exquisite jewellery stays in the best shape possible.

We have a lot of different styling options and colours for any jewellery that you purchase from us, we can also perform certain modifications to any piece of jewellery that you buy which can range from a simple resizing all the way to reparations for the stones and gems that are in the jewellery.

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