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When you look at Kahuna, as a company, you see a completely different philosophy than that of other design companies. They don’t just market watches, as most watch makers would, they market action products. Each Kahuna watch is surf-inspired, and designed to keep you going.

Even though these watches have been tailored by surfers, for surfers, they still contain the best features for any sports minded individual. Kahuna have a completely different philosophy when it comes to marketing their watches, the simple reason is they do not want to sell you a watch but more of an action product.

If you feel like there is anything you would like to ask us here at fields jewellers then please feel free to, we will do our best to assist you in any way possible even if it is with what watch to actually purchase. We can also offer you free installation for your product so that you can be time aware as soon as you leave our shop.

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